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Images by a Canberra astronomer

Images by a Canberra astronomer

Jack B. Child has been photographing and imaging the night sky since 1977. He began photographing asteroids at Ford Observatory in 1980, in support of Dr. Eleanor Helin's Planet-Crossing Asteroid Survey PCAS).

One method of identifying an asteroid on a photograph involves using a stereo microsope which allows the viewer to see two plates at the same time, so that the moving asteroid appears to float above the background of stars. Another is to take a time exposure, where the asteroid's movement will appear as a streak.

Current technology uses CCD cameras to capture digital images of the heavens. With software developed by John Rogers at Camarillo Observatory, Jack is able to identify and measure the positions of asteroids as they move around our solar system.

All the photographs are copyright and may not be reproduced in any form except by permission of Jack Child.

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