Children's books—illustration portfolio

I completed a course in illustrating children's books by Franki Sparke, at the ANU School of Art, and have since written several picturebooks. This page includes illustrations for books I have written and samples of my illustration styles, including watercolour, collage, pastel and mixed media.

Illustrations for books by Maren Child

Bunny Overboard!

Nick is having a pirate party, on a real boat. Sam, a toy bunny, is one of his presents. While the guests are playing at swordfighting, Sam falls overboard and drifts to the shore, where he meets Molly.

Sam hangs up his clothes to dry

Sam hangs up his washing while Molly catches her breakfast

A little girl finds him and wants to take him home, but her father says No.

Mouse and Egg

Egg, the hero of this story, runs away from Farmer Brown and meets Mouse in the forest.

Mouse and Egg meet in the clearing

Mouse and Egg meet in the clearing

Where are you going? hissed Snake

Where are you going? hissed Snake

Daphne and Redthorn

Daphne and Redthorn, two baby yaks, grow up in the Himalayas. Redthorn is banished from the herd when he accidentally hurts the son of their owner, and Daphne goes to find him.

Daphne sees Redthorn high above her on the slope of the mountain

Daphne sees Redthorn high up on the mountain slope.

Other samples of illustration for childrens' books

Mixed media and linocut

Bear in the forest

Little Red Riding Hood Woodcutter
Little Red Riding Hood



Mountain village


Teddy playing with blocks

FlamingosTwo giraffes close together

Swans and cygnets

Families at the beachGirls playing with dolls in the sea

Pastel, charcoal and conte


Engine at Thirlmere station